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PlayStation Experience moves to San Francisco

15 Aug 2015
by Sotiri Dimpinoudis category News

altAfter a successful inaugural event last year, PlayStation Experience is returning this December. Sony today announced the fan-focused convention will be held December 5-6 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco.

While the time frame is almost identical, the venue is new, as last year's show was held in Las Vegas. Sony did not offer an explanation for the relocation.


Sony reaches 7.9 million PlayStation Plus members

31 Oct 2014
by Sotiri Dimpinoudis category News


In the past, Sony has been cagey about just how many PlayStation Plus subscribers it has. But in a post-earnings conference call with overseas investors today, Sony executives confirmed that the PS Plus service has reached 7.9 million members.

Was PlayStation Home: Sony's most successful failure?

02 Oct 2014
by Sotiri Dimpinoudis category News

altI't was August 13, 2007. I remember clearly sitting in the audience at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival. A calm and smart-sounding Sony manager called Pete Edward stepped up and gave a presentation about their plans for an ambitious new virtual world: PlayStation Home. It blew my mind. I remember instantly seeing the huge potential that a world like this could have. I spent the next few months persuading Sony to let us create something genuinely unique, and managed to convince both Edward and Phil Harrison (Sony's PlayStation Home champion). nDreams CEO Patrick O'Luanaigh says goodbye to the virtual world

PlayStation Home will be closing soon!

26 Sep 2014
by Sotiri Dimpinoudis category News

altPlayStation Home's service will shut down in European territories on March 31 2015, the same date that the social platform will close in Asian regions.


"Due to a shifting landscape, PlayStation Home will cease publishing new content on the 12th of November, 2014," Sony confirmed in a statement.

Slender: The Arrival - Debuut Trailer

05 Sep 2014
by Sotiri Dimpinoudis category Trailers

altDeveloped by four-person Toronto indie team Blue Isle Studios and the only official Slender Man game, The Arrival puts you in the epicenter of the mystery surrounding the enigmatic Internet persona that has captivated and terrorized millions. Slender: The Arrival wraps players in a dark, foreboding atmosphere and a story fraught with terror, paranoia and other-worldly forces.


Over 40 games in Sony's pre-TGS presentation showcase

01 Sep 2014
by Sotiri Dimpinoudis category News

altSony has featured over 40 games in its pre-TGS showcase, including a return of the Dragon Quest franchise to its platforms and the confirmation of a new Persona title. Both Dragon Quest Heroes and Persona 5 will be coming to PS3 and PS4.

And more than 100 games coming to Vita before end of FY


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